Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is God Fair?

I can’t tell you how many times in 34 years of pastoral ministry I’ve heard someone say, “It just isn’t fair!  How could a loving God allow this to happen?”  I’ve heard this comment in response to a host of life’s challenges including financial setbacks, job loss, divorce, accidents, missed opportunities, war, natural disasters, human tragedies and the death of loved ones.  There is one key underlying assumption behind this statement.  We assume that God is in the “fairness” business.

This Sunday, March 16, my message will be on the parable of the “Laborers in the Vineyard.”  I encourage you to read it in advance from Matthew 20:1-16.  Almost everybody in the story ends up frustrated, angry and confused, feeling that they had been treated unfairly.  See how you react?  So if God isn’t in the “fairness business,” then what business is God in?  Come and find out as we worship together at either 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. and also celebrate Holy Communion.  What I have to share will “rattle your cage” but also cause you to fall even more in love with the awesome God we serve!

Christ Church has just celebrated an extraordinary two weeks of ministry, some of the best in our 27 year history.  Signs of God’s love and grace were happening all over the place.  Yes, we have reached that “tipping point” and now must seize the moment and “press in” for all that God is ready to “pour out.”  Moving forward will require faith and boldness as never before.  Are you ready for the challenge?

One sign of God’s goodness comes in the form of New Members!  Eleven families will be received into membership at Christ Church this Sunday morning.  We welcome them as friends and partners in the mission God has given us.  Please share a warm greeting!

Friends, may I ask for your prayers and covering for a critical expansion of the Bless Minnesota movement in our local region during April, May and June?  Fourteen local churches and at least 25 local businesses and organizations are joining hearts to see this region “adopted in prayer” and every person blessed by the love of God! 

A “BlessMN Launch Lunch” is set for Rockwood’s Banquet Center in Otsego on Wednesday, April 2, from 11:45 – 1:15 p.m.  Reservations may be phoned in to Tracy at 763-441-5097, ext. 10 or emailed to  The suggested donation for lunch, payable at the event, is $12.00.  Bless Minnesota partners and participants are welcome!

As BlessMN begins to expand state-wide, I am specifically looking for someone to come alongside me with administrative gifts and social media gifts as part of the wider Bless Minnesota team of which I am privileged to serve as Chair.  Should you sense a call from the Lord, please email me at  This job could work well for a college student gifted in these areas.  A stipend may be available.

Love and Blessings!
Pastor Greg Pagh

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